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Air One Ultrasonic Inhaler for Horses

“Air One”

Ultrasonic Inhaler for Horses

Nebulizing Inhaler for Horses

The “Air One” Ultrasonic Inhaler is a MUST for horses who suffer from airway irritations, allergies, inflammation, and respiratory conditions. It can be used with or without medication.

It can be used to administer saline, bronchodialators, antibiotics, steroids and more as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Two month rentals are available.


  • Two large ventilation plugs in mask
  • Large adjustable plug to control depth of inhalation
  • Medication nebulizer is rechargeable and requires no batteries
  • No oxygen tank required
  • Most powerful nebulizer on the market for horses


Whether your horse is recovering from a respiratory tract infection, cold, or plaqued by dust and allergies, the “Air One” Ultrasonic Inhaler with nebulizer for horses can help their recovery and lung health. Used without medication, the inhaler can help rehydrate the lining of your horse’s lungs – or, used with medication, can help treat respiratory conditions your horse may be struggling with. It features rapid administration capabilities and can deliver 50-60 ml of medication in just 10 minutes of treatment.

Areas of Application

• Respiratory conditions
• Allergies
• Airway irritation
• Inflammation
• Ultrasonic inhalation of medication
• Non medication inhalation to hydrate respiratory tract

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Our Equine Sports Therapy Technology

Our PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic frequency), massage and solarium devices for horses can help ease sore back muscles, injuries and muscle recovery before and after performance horse workouts. Handmade in Germany, our magnetic horse blankets, electro magnetic field therapy that utilize pulsing magnetic fields in blankets, hoof wraps and hock wraps for horses can help keep the equine athlete in top form.

What is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magnetotherapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in animal pain management for horses and dogs, injury recovery and overall health upkeep. This technology is at the heart of many of our horse and canine sports medicine devices.